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Grandmama's Chow Mein

When we would visit Grandmama Hoke we would be inundated with aspics of all kinds - not a kid's favorite food. However, she did make some really good chicken chow mien that we all loved.

I love this dish - a comfort food delight.

Grandmama's Chow Mein


  • 3 - 4 pound chicken

  • 1 1/2 pounds pork or veal

  • 1 bunch celery and leaves, chopped

  • 1 large onions chopped

  • fresh mung bean sprouts

  • La Choy Chinese vegetables, found in the frozen section

  • 2 - 3 cans sliced or diced water chestnuts

  • salt and pepper to taste


Note: Make the chicken and broth a day in advance then make the Chow Mien. Also, to make it easier, I think this would be fine to leave out the pork and make it with a rotisserie chicken and 32 oz of good chicken stock.

  1. Place chicken in a large stock pot with 3 carrots cut in half, 3 stalks celery cut in thirds, 1 quartered onion, fresh thyme sprigs, handful fresh parsley.

  2. Cover the chicken with water and boil then reduce the heat to a simmer.

  3. Simmer about 2 hours or until chicken is very tender.

  4. Strain the chicken and all ingredients saving the chicken broth.

  5. Shred the chicken.

  6. Cool the broth and if making it a day ahead put it in the refrigerator overnight.

  7. Add the pork to a stock pot and cover with water. Add some salt to the water.

  8. Cook until the pork is tender and can be shredded.

  9. Add the pork to the shredded chicken.

  10. In a large sauce pan, melt some butter. Add chopped celery, onion and water chestnuts. Saute until vegetables are crisp tender.

  11. Add the chicken broth and the frozen vegetables, stir and put the lid on the pan for about 10 minutes until frozen vegetables are crisp tender.

  12. Add the chicken/pork to warm.

  13. Add the mung bean sprouts. Stir to combine.

  14. Serve over rice.


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